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Bowflex Revolution Review
Sunday, 16 March 2008
Does The Bowflex Revolution Really Work?

Is the Bowflex Revolution worth my time and money? This is a question that arises for many consumers that have considered purchasing a home gym. To answer this question we need to assess a few factors. A lot this depends on your goals, lifestyle, and budget.

Spiraflex Technology

Spiraflex is a patented resistance technology that duplicates the benefits of traditional weights. An elastic strap wraps around a coil providing consistent weight resistance throughout the exercise motion. It offers the same effectiveness as using free weights but without the burden of changing plates. Due to the mechanics of using a coil it offers greater control and efficiency. This ultimately leads to faster results. Spiraflex is found on both the XP and FT models. The only downside is they provide a maximum of 300lbs of weight. If your serious bodybuilder or power lifter, traditional weights may be the solution.

Exercise Variations

This is one of the strengths of Bowflex - with a minimum of 60 exercises in the entry model (Bowflex Blaze) and over 100 in the XP and FT, Bowflex makes it possible to target every major and minor muscle group. Having this available on one machine makes it a good value and a big space and time saver.

Bowflex Lifestyle

One of the benefits of having a Bowflex home gym is you can workout in the convenience of your home. No more long drives to gym or waiting in line to use the bench. Key to your Bowflex success is motivation. As effective as it is at strength training, an improper diet and lack of discipline is a recipe for failure. For the best results, you owe it to yourself to workout 3x a week. All too often, exercise equipment collects dust in the attic or basement. Since purchasing a Bowflex is a fairly expensive investment, it would be wise to assess the environment at home. If you feel you would be too easily distracted from working out, then I would reconsider your investment. If motivation is a concern, I've found that having a workout partner (family member preferred) can be a huge help.


This is probably the biggest consideration. Purchasing a Bowflex is a big investment. If you are a beginner and don't need the versatility of doing 100 + exercises than the Bowflex Blaze would be a sensible entry-level machine. However, if you feel more ambitious and want to take your fitness to the next level, the Bowflex Revolution FT would be the best value. It's one of only two models in their product line usings Spiraflex technology and it offers over 100 exercises and up to 400 variations. They also offer a Bowflex XP which has the same body and functionality but with the upgrade of a lat tower. If having this added feature is not a priority than the FT would be a better value.

Mark Pommett is an LA resident and fitness enthusiast. Want to get all the facts you need on purchasing a home gym? LEARN MORE at

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